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    • B
      qml: Update to VLCStyle duration implementation · b83abff2
      Benjamin Arnaud 提交于
    • B
      qml/VLCStyle: Add speed and duration(s) · 75470d89
      Benjamin Arnaud 提交于
    • B
      qml/BannerSources: Update look and feel · e8df4b1d
      Benjamin Arnaud 提交于
    • R
      vout: remove debug dead code · 633d1d85
      Romain Vimont 提交于
      This dead code is not maintained.
    • C
      replace freenode.net with libera.chat · c9fc9c26
      Christian Christiansen 提交于
      According to the current README, #videolan is now to be found at Libera.Chat.
      Update the documentation to be consistent with the README.
    • P
      qt: introduce auto color scheme on windows · 9cec201b
      Prince Gupta 提交于
      new "auto" color scheme automatically switches between "day" and
      "night" color scheme based on system settings
      available color schemes -
      on windows: auto, day, night
      other: system, day, night
      Closes #25590
    • P
      qt: update ColorSchemeModel implementation · d2c7abb6
      Prince Gupta 提交于
      * Identify Color Scheme via enum
      * Move available color scheme defination to cpp side
      This is done to introduce "auto" color scheme
    • L
      x264/x262: purge obsolete disable-SIMD bits · 81204466
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
      a call made to `x264_param_default[_mpeg2]()` triggers cpu feature
      detection built into the x262/x264 lib, setting up the default value of the
      cpu flags 'param' attribute. the block of code deleted here pointlessly
      tried to subsequently remove a certain subset of flags from this where the
      vlc detection found those features to not be available.
      this dates back to before VLC v1.2 when we had core options that gave users
      a means of disabling use of individual SIMD variants - this block of code
      would apply such user choices to the use of the x262/x264 lib.
      those options were removed in 1081b213 for
      v1.2, but blocks of code like this were left behind. some adjustments to
      the cpu detection code were done for v1.3, which touched these code blocks,
      but seems to not have involved evaluating their necessity.
      without those old options, this block of code is utterly pointless,
      achieving nothing.
  8. 22 7月, 2021 4 次提交
    • A
      video_output: remove wait misfire hazard margin · 832b8519
      Alexandre Janniaux 提交于
      The time taken by the prepare is compound of measurements taken in
      actual preparation steps. It's made of the time needed to execute the
      static filters, the interactive filters, and the time needed for the
      display to prepare.
      VOUT_MWAIT_TOLERANCE is the margin of error accepted when the scheduler
      wakes up the vout_control_Pop deadline late compared to the deadline we
      choosed, or wakes up the vlc_clock_Wait late. It's supposed to move the
      deadline back wherever relevant to display a frame, to wait a little
      less that in the ideal instantaneous or real time case.
      It doesn't represent "time spent" so there's no need to account it in
      the duration of the prepare as a discriminator for late frames. In
      addition, it's hardcoded time not dependant on whether the media or the
      system running the video output and accounts for 1/4 of the time budget
      for rendering a frame with 60fps.
      Regression from a5d85a5f.
    • L
      swscale: purge obsolete SIMD selection · 358fe9c6
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
      the swscale cpu feature flags were deprecated in 2012 and removed in 2015
      ([1]) in favour of auto-detection, hence the version guard used within the
      `GetSwsCpuMask()` function.
      in vlc v4.0-dev we are purging MMX/MMXEXT and so have a need to remove the
      corresponding portions of the function. this alone though would leave the
      function and related code only catering to enabling altivec in the one
      special case of compiling with an old swscale version. i felt that it was
      probably better to just rip it all out.
      [1]: https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/commit/9d58639e270f7612874681e0ca30fa461e2667b7
    • L
      vorbix,x264: tidy plugin variant flags · 19d74319
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
       - makes the code a little more readable.
       - switches to use of "plugin" rather than "module", as is more
         appropriate here.
    • L
      chroma: tidy plugin simd variant flags · 991a7795
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
      ...to use short labels like `PLUGIN_PLAIN` and `PLUGIN_SSE2` rather than
      `MODULE_NAME_IS_xxx_yyy[_zzz]`. this makes the code cleaner, easier to read,
      and improves consistency. it also helps remove a source of plugin vs.
      module confusion.
      trying to recognise that something like `MODULE_NAME_IS_i420_yuy2` refers
      to the 'plain' variant, compared to `MODULE_NAME_IS_i420_yuy2_sse2` for the
      SSE2 variant, was problematic.
      the `#else // defined(MODULE_NAME_IS_xxx_yyy_sse2)` instances have been
      changed to `#elif defined(PLUGIN_SSE2)` in the i420 plugin.
      the flag passed to the nv12 plugin was removed (rather than replaced with
      `PLUGIN_PLAIN`) because it is unused.
      the i420_rgb plugin used short `SSE2` type defines. these have been changed
      to `PLUGIN_SSE2` style for consistency.
  9. 21 7月, 2021 4 次提交
  10. 20 7月, 2021 6 次提交
    • L
      deinterlace: use sfence instead of emms for SSE2 · dd38fdc4
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
      we're purging all MMX/MMXEXT code; `sfence` is more appropriate.
    • L
      deinterlace: purge MMX/MMXEXT · 831fa3cd
      Lyndon Brown 提交于
       - this removes all SIMD acceleration for x86/x86_64. originally this work
         started by converting the MMX code to SSE2, then purged remaining
         artifacts, but a build error on android has blocked that work from
         being merged for now. this commit thus takes a different approach of
         simply purging the old MMX/MMXEXT code first, with getting the SSE2
         implementation working to be done as a follow up.
       - the `EndMMX()` function is retained (renamed to `EndSSE()`) because it
         is still used under the merge code. the `emms` instruction will be
         replaced with an `sfence` instruction separately, as more appropriate.
    • R
      vout: improve chrono estimation on start · e6bb48cc
      Romain Vimont 提交于
      During a new measurement, the current state of the chrono were always
      weighted in the same way, regardless of the number of samples that
      contributed in the values. As a consequence, the initial (arbitrary)
      value was too impactful.
      Instead, until there are enough values (according to the provided
      "shift"), weight the average and mean absolute deviation by the number
      of contributing samples.
      In particular, the first real sample overrides the arbitrary initial
    • S
      direct3d11: fix winstore build · 4c7b2517
      Steve Lhomme 提交于
      DEFINE_GUID in C++ resolves to an external C define but it won't exist in the
      display module compiled in C++ in release builds.
    • A
      contrib: protobuf: blacklist on tvOS · f9c552e7
      Alexandre Janniaux 提交于
      protobuf (for chromecast) doesn't make any sense on TV platforms.
    • T
      audiotrack: don't use DynamicsProcessing with passthrough · e41b4353
      Thomas Guillem 提交于
      Fixes #25921
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