isula-build is a tool provided by iSula team for building container images. It can quickly build the container image according to the given Dockerfile.

    The binary file isula-build is a CLI tool and isula-builder runs as a daemon responding all the requests from client.

    It provides a command line tool that can be used to

    • build an image from a Dockerfile
    • list all images in local store
    • remove specified images

    We also

    • be compatible with Dockerfile grammar
    • support extended file attributes, e.g., linux security, IMA, EVM, user, trusted
    • support different image formats, e.g., docker-archive, isulad

    Getting Started

    Install on openEuler

    Install from source

    For compiling from source on openEuler, these packages are required on your OS:

    • make
    • golang (version 1.13 or higher)
    • btrfs-progs-devel
    • device-mapper-devel
    • glib2-devel
    • gpgme-devel
    • libassuan-devel
    • libseccomp-devel
    • git
    • bzip2
    • go-md2man
    • systemd-devel

    You can install them on openEuler with yum:

    sudo yum install make btrfs-progs-devel device-mapper-devel glib2-devel gpgme-devel libassuan-devel libseccomp-devel git bzip2 go-md2man systemd-devel golang

    Get the source code with git:

    git clone

    Please note that isula-build uses Go Modules to manage vendoring packages. Before compiling please make sure you can connect to the default goproxy server.

    If you are working behind a proxy, please refer to Go Module Proxy by setting GOPROXY=yourproxy.

    Enter the source code directory and begin compiling:

    cd isula-build
    sudo make

    After compiling success, you can install the binaries of isula-build to /usr/bin/ simply with:

    sudo make install

    To run the server of isula-build for the first time, the default configuration files should be installed:

    sudo mkdir -p /etc/isula-build/ && \
    install -p -m 600 ./cmd/daemon/config/configuration.toml /etc/isula-build/configuration.toml && \
    install -p -m 600 ./cmd/daemon/config/storage.toml /etc/isula-build/storage.toml && \
    install -p -m 600 ./cmd/daemon/config/registries.toml /etc/isula-build/registries.toml && \
    install -p -m 600 ./cmd/daemon/config/policy.json /etc/isula-build/policy.json

    Install as RPM package

    isula-build is integrated with openeuler/isula-kits, for details on how to compile and install isula-build as RPM package, please refer to isula-kits.

    Run the daemon server

    Run as system service

    To manage isula-builder by systemd, please refer to following steps:

    sudo install -p -m 640 ./isula-build.service /etc/systemd/system/isula-build.service
    sudo systemctl enable isula-build
    sudo systemctl start isula-build

    Example on building container images


    For building container images, runc is required.

    You can get runc by the help of installing docker or docker-runc on your openEuler distro by:

    sudo yum install docker


    sudo yum install docker-runc

    Building image

    Here is an example for building a container image, for more details please refer to usage.

    Create a simple buildDir and write the Dockerfile

    FROM alpine:latest
    LABEL foo=bar
    COPY ./* /home/dir1/

    Build the image in the buildDir

    $ sudo isula-build ctr-img build -f Dockerfile .
    STEP  1: FROM alpine:latest
    STEP  2: LABEL foo=bar
    STEP  3: COPY ./* /home/dir1/
    Getting image source signatures
    Copying blob sha256:e9235582825a2691b1c91a96580e358c99acfd48082cbf1b92fd2ba4a791efc3
    Copying blob sha256:dc3bca97af8b81508c343b13a08493c7809b474dc25986fcbae90c6722201be3
    Copying config sha256:9ec92a8819f9da1b06ea9ff83307ff859af2959b70bfab101f6a325b1a211549
    Writing manifest to image destination
    Storing signatures
    Build success with image id: 9ec92a8819f9da1b06ea9ff83307ff859af2959b70bfab101f6a325b1a211549

    Listing images

    $ sudo isula-build ctr-img images
    -----------------  -----------  ----------------  ----------------------------------------------
        REPOSITORY         TAG          IMAGE ID                       CREATED
    ------------------  ----------  ----------------  ----------------------------------------------
          <none>          latest      9ec92a8819f9        2020-06-11 07:45:39.265106109 +0000 UTC

    Removing image

    $ sudo isula-build ctr-img rm 9ec92a8819f9
    Deleted: sha256:86567f7a01b04c662a9657aac436e8d63ecebb26da4252abb016d177721fa11b

    Integrates with iSulad or docker

    Integrates with iSulad or docker are listed in integration.


    Constraints, limitations and the differences from docker build are listed in precautions.

    How to Contribute

    We are happy to provide guidance for the new contributors.

    Please sign the CLA before contributing.


    isula-build is licensed under the Mulan PSL v2.


    isula build kit for building container images



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