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    Iniparser 4

    I - Overview

    This modules offers parsing of ini files from the C level. See a complete documentation in HTML format, from this directory open the file html/index.html with any HTML-capable browser.

    Key features :

    • Small : around 1500 sloc inside 4 files (2 .c and 2 .h)
    • Portable : no dependancies, written in -ansi -pedantic C89
    • Fully reintrant : easy to make it thread-safe (just surround library calls by mutex)

    II - Building project

    A simple make at the root of the project should be enough to get the static (i.e. libiniparser.a) and shared (i.e. libraries compiled.

    You should consider trying the following rules too :

    • make check : run the unitary tests
    • make example : compile the example, run it with ./example/iniexample

    III - License

    This software is released under MIT License. See LICENSE for full informations

    IV - Versions

    Current version is 4.1. Version 4.0 introduces breaking changes in the api. Older versions 3.1 and 3.2 with the legacy api are available as tags.

    V - FAQ

    See in this directory for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.






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