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    GraphQL Java Codegen makes it easy to make your Java application to follow a schema-first approach whether it is a server or client application.

    Following classes can be generated based on your GraphQL schema:

    • Interfaces for GraphQL queries, mutations and subscriptions.
    • Interfaces for GraphQL unions.
    • POJO classes for GraphQL types and inputs.
    • Enum classes for GraphQL enums.
    • Interfaces for GraphQL type fields (e.g. for parametrized fields) aka "Resolvers".
    • Client Request classes for GraphQL queries, mutations and subscriptions.


    • Generate classes in Java, Kotlin or Scala.
    • Recursive schemas lookup by file name pattern.
    • Generate code based on GraphQL schema or GraphQL Query Introspection Result.
    • Generate POJOs with or without: Builder pattern, immutable fields, toString(), equals() and hashCode(), etc.
    • Flexible API interfaces naming conventions (based on schema file name, folder name, etc.)
    • Custom java package names for model and API classes.
    • Custom prefix/suffix for model, API, type resolver, request, response classes.
    • Custom annotations for generated classes (e.g.: validation annotations for generated model classes or specific type fields, annotations for GraphQL directives, etc.)
    • Relay support.
    • Ability to define codegen configuration via external json file.

    For the full list of codegen configs please refer to: Codegen Options

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