This is a template for getting started with iOS development using GitLab and fastlane.

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    Getting started

    You'll need a working MacOS development environment with Xcode 10 to use this template. You can find instructions to get up and running on the Apple Xcode website.

    If you want to use GitLab CI with your own MacOS runners (a requirement since we do not currently yet offer shared MacOS runners - follow infrastructure#5294 for updates on that front) please read through the blog post above which will walk you through everything you need to get up and running.

    What's contained in this project

    This template contains a simple Food Tracker App based off of the Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) Lessons. Where necessary the template has been upgraded to use Swift 4. The app displays a list of meals consisting of a name, rating, and photo. Users are able to add or edit a meal by navigating to a detail screen. The app also includes a lightweight solution for basic data persistence.





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