Rust and WebAssembly Function as a Service (FaaS) on Tencent Cloud


    If you have not done so already, follow these simple instructions to install ssvmup on your development computer.

    Build the WASM bytecode

    We build a Rust function as a service. It simply takes the function input from STDIN and outputs the results into STDOUT. That allows it to be used in a variety of different scenarions and payloads. The function anticipates an input JSON string with key1 and key2 fields. As we will see that is the JSON format used in TencentCloud's built-in hello world tests.

    To build the Rust function into a WebAssembly bytecode application, do the following from your command line. It might take a few minutes to build.

    $ ssvmup build

    Package for deployment

    $ cp pkg/hello_bg.wasm cloud/
    $ cd cloud
    $ zip *

    Deploy on TencentCloud

    0 Go to the console

    1 Go to Products | Serverless Cloud Function | Function Service | Create

    2 For Create Method, select CustomRuntime from the dropdown list

    3 Select the Empty function template

    4 Click on Next

    Deploy step 1

    5 Set the Execution handler to hello_bg.wasm

    6 Select "Local zip file" for Submitting Method, and then upload the file

    7 Click on Complete

    Deploy step 2


    Once the function is successfully deployed, go to the Function code tab.

    Deploy success

    Scroll down and click on the Test button. The function will take the hello world JSON data input

      "key1": "test value 1",
      "key2": "test value 2"

    Test the function

    and output a hello message.

    Hello! test value 1, test value 2

    Test execution result

    That's it! You have now tested and deployed your first server-side WebAssembly function!

    Next step

    The next step is to create a complete demo to run and visualize a machine learning algorithm.





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