gRPC - An RPC library and framework

    gRPC is a modern, open source, high-performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework that can run anywhere. gRPC enables client and server applications to communicate transparently, and simplifies the building of connected systems.

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    To start using gRPC

    To maximize usability, gRPC supports the standard method for adding dependencies to a user's chosen language (if there is one). In most languages, the gRPC runtime comes as a package available in a user's language package manager.

    For instructions on how to use the language-specific gRPC runtime for a project, please refer to these documents

    • C++: follow the instructions under the src/cpp directory
    • C#: NuGet package Grpc
    • Dart: pub package grpc
    • Go: go get
    • Java: Use JARs from Maven Central Repository
    • Kotlin: Use JARs from Maven Central Repository
    • Node: npm install grpc
    • Objective-C: Add gRPC-ProtoRPC dependency to podspec
    • PHP: pecl install grpc
    • Python: pip install grpcio
    • Ruby: gem install grpc
    • WebJS: follow the grpc-web instructions

    Per-language quickstart guides and tutorials can be found in the documentation section on the website. Code examples are available in the examples directory.

    Precompiled bleeding-edge package builds of gRPC master branch's HEAD are uploaded daily to

    To start developing gRPC

    Contributions are welcome!

    Please read How to contribute which will guide you through the entire workflow of how to build the source code, how to run the tests, and how to contribute changes to the gRPC codebase. The "How to contribute" document also contains info on how the contribution process works and contains best practices for creating contributions.


    Sometimes things go wrong. Please check out the Troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing issues with gRPC.


    See the Performance dashboard for performance numbers of master branch daily builds.


    See gRPC Concepts

    About This Repository

    This repository contains source code for gRPC libraries implemented in multiple languages written on top of a shared C core library src/core.

    Libraries in different languages may be in various states of development. We are seeking contributions for all of these libraries:

    Language Source
    Shared C [core library] src/core
    C++ src/cpp
    Ruby src/ruby
    Python src/python
    PHP src/php
    C# (core library based) src/csharp
    Objective-C src/objective-c
    Language Source repo
    Java grpc-java
    Kotlin grpc-kotlin
    Go grpc-go
    NodeJS grpc-node
    WebJS grpc-web
    Dart grpc-dart
    .NET (pure C# impl.) grpc-dotnet


    gRPC 是一个高性能、开源和通用的 RPC 框架,面向移动和 HTTP/2 设计。目前提供 C、Java 和 Go 语言版本,分别是:grpc, grpc-java, grpc-go. 其中 C 版本支持 C, C++, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, PHP 和 C# 支持.

    gRPC 基于 HTTP/2 标准设计,带来诸如双向流、流控、头部压缩、单 TCP 连接上的多复用请求等特。这些特性使得其在移动设备上表现更好,更省电和节省空间占用。



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